The Airside Pass software application allows you to manage your end to end airport recruitment requirements. By sourcing suitable and varied personnel through to managing the full airside pass process including reference completion and security checks, our application allows increased supply of staff as well as an accurate simplification of the airside pass process.

Managing the Airside Pass Process

The Basics..

The Rekruit Limited software provides a simple solution for all companies who process employees for an airside pass. Whether you handle all the documentation from your head office, or with individual terminal managers in multiple locations, or even a recruitment agency managing applicants who will be issued with an airside pass in their clients name. The Rekruit Limited application will advise and guide your employees on what information is required, section by section, giving them a simple "yes" or "no" if each section is completed correctly. Once their information is complete and accepted, all you need to do is click the one-click reference sender for each referee and the automatically generated references will be sent out. All conforming to ID Centre regulations and all tailored to each specific airport. Easy tracking and tracability grids give you a quick, accurate in-sight into how your applicants are progressing. An automated document checker will advise you when any documents have not been returned in a timely manner, such as reference request, training links, DBS links etc.

Starting a new applicant

Simply add the applicants name and allocated airport to your 'Handshake' section, specifying which airport/terminal they will be working in and their training requirement (Level 4, GSAT, In-Flight etc.) An email will then be sent to the applicant containing an explanation of the process, who you are, and the details required to register. As soon as they have registered, the system will automatically allocate them to your company.

Applicant Information

The applicant is then guided by the system into providing the exact requirements needed by their relevant airport, for example 5-year history, overseas details, police checks and training.

There is no requirement for you to explain the process or become involved with your applicants at any stage.

Starting the Process

Once the applicant's information has been completed and accepted by the system, you can then start the airside pass process. Reference templates are generated based off the applicant's details and the airport they are working in (different airports have different template standards). The various reference types for each airport are also accounted for such as employment, gap, education etc. You can either print off the ready-made documents to post, or use the one-click email function to send out the reference request by email. Once a reference has been sent, the system will log the date and time sent.

If the reference has not been returned within a reasonable timeframe, the details will appear in your Call Management section as overdue. You can add notes to this section and reset a new alert to reappear in a few days if the referee has still not responded.

The Rekruit Limited website also generates automated files notes for the relevant ID Centres if required, along with rejection letter templates for the referee should they return an incorrect reference.

DBS's, Overseas Police Checks and Training

The applicant will have been prompted to provide details on their overseas history, in-date UK DBS and any training requirements. If they have lived overseas, they will have provided details of the country and dates and asked to arrange their own police certificate from the relevant countries. If they have a current DBS (issued within the last 10 weeks) they will be asked to enter the issue date and certificate number and asked to upload a colour copy. If the applicant has a DBS but issued over 10 weeks ago, the system will reject the document. The applicant will also be asked to add details of any relevant airport training they have already taken (GSAT, In-Flight etc.). If you prefer to keep your applicants process simple, you can arrange all training and DBS checks through the website portal with a simple one-click order process and the system will arrange these documents on your behalf.

Monitor Your Applicants

You have full sight of all applicant sections in an easy to read table - giving you a simple overview of each applicant and their status. This facility enables you to quickly analyse the progress of each of your applicants, regardless of how many applicants you are processing.

As a company administrator, you have full control over all of your applicants details, so you can change, edit or delete any information that you feel necessary.

Applicant Notes

You can add notes to your applicant's files to offer you a full tracability on the progress, including highlighting important information that will be flagged each time you log in.

Completed Applicants/File Notes

Once you have received all the required documentation for an applicant to apply for their airside pass, the system will generate the required accompanying file notes for Gap reference and overseas declarations.

No Obligation Free Trial

The only way to find out if a service is as good as it states...... try our free 30-day trial, it's non-committal and simply resign yourself at any stage if you do not feel the application suits your needs. The customer services team of Rekruit Limited are always available to answer any questions you may have throughout your trial period.

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