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Screenshots of the Airside Manager (Applicants)

Below is a quick overview of the Airside Manager tool for applicants/employees, to show how the system provides valuable assistance and guidelines for a person to provide the exact requirements for an airside pass application.


To be able to register on the Airside Manager, an applicant/employee will have to have had an 'Alert' sent to their email address from their potential/current employer.

Once registered, the applicant will see a variety of sections, each required for completion to obtain an airside pass. The Airside Manager uses a simple 'Traffic Light' system, whereby Red means the section is invalid, Orange needs addressing and Green is acceptable. Your company dashboard gives you a quick overview of your airside and company activities on The Airside Manager, including how many individuals are ready for their airside pass.

Airside Manager Dashboard


The applicant must complete their profile, which will include amongst other personal information, their CRB and overseas disclosure details.

Airside Manager Profile

UK CRB's and Overseas Disclosures

An applicant must provide their CRB and if applicable their Overseas Disclosure. The Airside Manager will ask a number of questions and depending upon the answers, will determine what information is required. Expiry dates for a CRB are also considered, and void if the certificate was issued over 10 weeks ago.

Airside Manager CRBs

5-Year History

A full 5-year accountable history must be provided from each applicant. The Airside Manager asks the applicant to provide information and exact dates. There are guidelines as to what type of reference to provide, such as Employment, Gap, Student etc.

Once the employer has started to send out references on behalf of the applicant, the applicant can see the status of each reference, for example which references have been received, which are still outstanding etc.

Airside Manager Referencing

To give the applicant a quick overview of the their dates covered, showing any unaccounted periods, The Airside Manager provides a reference overview showing the dates in chronological order, highlighting any gaps longer than 28 days.

Airside Manager Referencing Overview

General Security Awareness Training (GSAT)

If the applicant has not worked in an airport environment before, they will undoubtedly not have taken the GSAT training course. If they do not have a GSAT certificate, it is usually the employer's responsibility to provide the resources.

Airside Manager GSAT

Applicant Documents

Depending on what information has been provided in the above mentioned sections, The Airside Manager will determine what copies of documents are required to be uploaded. For example, if a person has lived overseas in the last 5 years and does have a valid Overseas Disclosure, they will be asked to upload a copy of the certificate. If they did not live overseas, the document will not be required.

Airside Manager Documents

Once the applicant has submitted all the correct information and documents, they will be advised that their details are complete and ready for their employer.

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