Any employer employing staff in a restricted zone of the port authorities will know the difficulties processing employees for an access pass. Speed and accuracy is essential in order to maintain a steady throughput of applicants to meet their operational demand. Whilst temporary passes are available, this only provides a 30-day limit and has restrictions which may not suit the situation.

The team at Airside Manager have years of experience, working alongside employers of all sizes from the restricted zones. We know the importance and critical nature of having pass-ready employees available at the time your business needs them. We provide outsourced screening services to a number of port-based companies, from retailers, cafes, restaurants, cargo and customer service clients.


What We Will Provide

You have nothing to Lose...

We understand that trying a new supplier for such an important role for your business can be a risk, so the Airside Manager team are happy to provide a free trial for a handful of applicants (DBS and training modules will be charged at cost). This gives you the comfort to trial our service over a few weeks and then decide if you wish to continue.

We don't impose any contract on length of service or minimum numbers - Our service, turn-around and pricing structure is enough to maintain your business!